Installation Instructions

Getting Started

In order to install and use the Darkpixel theme on your forums, you need to download a third-party extension named Stylus into your browser, you can find it for your browser using the links below:

Download Stylus for your browser:

Chrome (Recommended)
Opera / Opera GX
If the Chrome Webstore link above does not work, use this one instead: Chrome Fallback

Using a different browser?

If you are using a different browser than the three listed above, please follow this link.

After Stylus is installed, you may now head over to their website to install the Darkpixel CSS. (This part is the same on all browsers) Just click the "Install Style" button and "OK" on the popup, if a popup doesn't show up, it means you haven't installed Stylus properly, go back and try again.

NOTE: To enjoy all the features of Darkpixel, please head over to your Stylus settings and enable the "Expose iframe HTML" option, or Darkpixel won't be able to fully style Hypixel for you :(

UserStyles.org is down, what now?

If you can't download Darkpixel using the link above because UserStyles.org is down or malfunctioning, you may download the style from the mirror link below:
mirror download